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I'm Jennifer And I'm Here To Help You Become A Confident Speaker.

I'm a public speaking coach for successful professionals who speak English as a second language. For the last 10 years I've helped professionals transform from feeling shy, nervous and scared to speak in English to feeling confident, excited and prepared. I work exclusively with professionals in my premium training program Speak To Impress. In this program, professionals learn how to confidently (and impressively) share their ideas on any topic without hesitating and without worrying about their grammar mistakes or accents. This program is only for professionals who are committed to becoming the best versions of themselves so they can take their careers and their lives to the next level.


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"Before working with Jennifer, I was struggling with my confidence. Now I feel like I can talk about whatever I want! Guys just take action! I did it and I know you can do it!"

- Carmen, Colombia

"Before working with Jennifer, I had fear. I had confusion. I had lack of confidence. But now, here I am! So my recommendation to you is to start your journey, be focused, be fearless, be confident and stick to your goal. You’ll achieve it! You'll not regret it!"

- Apurba, Bangladesh

"Before working with Jennifer, my confidence level was very low. I thought that I couldn’t speak in public in English. I always thought that somebody would judge my English when I talk. But once I started, I never thought about my English."

- Raoof, India

"Before working with Jennifer, I was hesitant to share my knowledge, my ideas because I didn’t have a guide. But now I’m confident in sharing my thoughts. My best advice for you if you want to level up your English skills is to start and to finish this program!"

- Flabel, The Philippines

"Before working with Jennifer, I had a lack of confidence speaking in English. And now, I already feel more confident speaking in English. If you’re ready to start living your dream life, please take action, participate in the program Speak To Impress. You won’t regret it!"

- Evgenia, Russia

"Before working with Jennifer, I always find a hard time expressing myself in public with confidence. This program has been a real game changer for my public speaking skills and confidence. I highly recommend to give it a try if you really want to improve your public speaking skills and confidence."

- Toure, Ivory Coast

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